Hussein is a partner at Hoxton Ventures. He currently represents Hoxton on the boards of Biotx, Giraffe360, Kbox Global, Skin Analytics, SOC.OS, TourRadar, XYZ Reality and Yieldify, and serves as a board observer on Behavox, Darktrace, Fy!, Karakuri, Loveshark and Panakeia. He previously served on the boards of Babylon Health, bd4travel (acquired by Dnata), Campanja (acquired by 24/7 Media) and Deliveroo.

Prior to forming Hoxton, Hussein was an associate with Accel Partners in London. He joined Accel from Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA.

Earlier in his career, Hussein worked with three startups, Safe-View (acquired by L-3), Radiance Technologies (acquired by Comcast) and Studio Verso (acquired by KPMG), all in the Bay Area.

While forming Hoxton, Hussein helped Eros STX Global develop ErosNow, an online streaming video platform for Bollywood. He also helped the UK government with policy initiatives to develop the local tech industry. He continues to appear occasionally on BBC, Bloomberg, CNN and Sky News.

Hussein holds an MBA from London Business School and did his undergraduate studies in Symbolic Systems at Stanford University. He stubbornly refuses to swear allegiance to a monarch and remains a proud American.