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Nicole Eagan, Darktrace

Ali Parsa, CEO of Babylon Health

Ali Parsa, Babylon Health

Poppy Gustafsson, CEO of Darktrace

Poppy Gustaffson, Darktrace

Erkin Adylov, CEO of Behavox

Erkin Adylov, Behavox

Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome

Dylan Collins, Epic Games (SuperAwesome)

Will Shu, Deliveroo

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What our founders say

Hoxton is the kind of conviction-driven investor that's too rare in Europe. They're as ambitious for the business as we are. They offer a supreme level of honesty. There is no BS. This makes a huge difference. They are insanely well connected in both US and Europe. Everyone they’ve introduced me to has become a source of advice and support.

Thomas Beverly

Founder and CEO, Fy!

Hoxton was straightforward and their conviction has never been stronger. They are consistent in saying yes! From morning meetings to air strategy thoughts, or delivering on a promised introduction. I never need to follow up with them. They are on top of it and definitely bring it!

Grant Aarons

Founder and CEO, FabricNano

Hoxton speaks their mind, won't tell you what you want to hear and are incredibly connected. Hussein and Rob have easily made 5x the number of introductions than any of our other investors. They are first investor I have voluntarily invited to board meetings. Unquestionably one of the best investors to have when things are not going well.

Dylan Collins

Founder and CEO, SuperAwesome

Hoxton and Nomagic share a similar culture, ex-Google roots. Their focus is making a company successful globally. They have a good product mindset essential for a company at the Seed or Series A stage where product focus is paramount. Both Rob and Hussein are super-fast to respond unlike some other VCs we are working with.

Kacper Nowicki

Founder and CEO, Nomagic

Hoxton has proven to be direct, blatantly honest and makes decisions quickly. Hussein gives us great strategic advice and access to an amazing advisory and executive talent networks. That's a rare combination of features. We couldn't wish for a better partner.

Kamil Tamiola

Founder and CEO, Peptone

Choosing Hoxton boiled down to three factors: operational experience, the size, and quality of its network. As a first time founder, I had loads of questions. If Hoxton didn't have the answers (a rare occurrence), they sure as hell knew someone who did, and connected me. There are few firms outside of Silicon Valley that have nailed this in Europe.

Dave Mareels

Founder and CEO, SOC.OS

Hoxton has been with me from day one. I view the fund almost as my co-founder. They've been the most patient and helpful investor, always willing to roll up their sleeves to help, and were a trusted partner when times were challenging. I don't think I could have built Raptor without their support.

Arjun Singh

Founder and CEO, Raptor Supplies

I have several VCs at Yieldify. Hoxton has been with me through the whole journey - ups and downs. They are always a Whatsapp away and willing to do phone calls late at night and weekends. Their intros led to SoftBank and Google investing, and hiring key engineering executives. Hoxton are the first investors I will go to for any future projects.

Jay Radia

Founder and board member, Yieldify

We liked Hoxton’s direct, no BS approach. Hoxton had conviction in us from the start, they didn't wait to see what everyone else said. Most funds say that they take big bets on the future but in reality, they follow the crowd. Hoxton actually practice what they preach and that's rare.

Tara Reddy

VP, Lumi

We had three term sheets and chose Hoxton because they were the easiest to work with. We’ve always been skeptical about the value VCs claim they add. Rob connected us with angel investors and helped define and execute our PR strategy. Hoxton offers access to an amazing US network that other investors aren’t able to provide at this seed stage.

Jean Meyer

Founder and CEO, Wanted

Hoxton has a great portfolio, a good network in Silicon Valley, makes decisions quickly and has great feedback from the market (VC, founders). They are fast and 'Whatsappable' partners, and capable of supporting us. They are very helpful with their network.

Kirill Bigai

Founder and CEO, Preply

Hoxton has a sophisticated understanding of deep technology, which is important for Darktrace, a company that is at the forefront of enterprise AI deployments. They are extremely well-networked and generous with sharing their insight. They are more than investors in the company, they are trusted friends of Darktrace.

Poppy Gustaffson

Co-CEO, Darktrace

Hoxton had the best understanding of the tech and vision. After our first call, where Hussein got what we were doing, he followed up with 4 or 5 very detailed questions 30 minutes later - all of which were absolutely on point. After that I told my co-founder that I hoped we would end up working together with Hoxton.

Joern Klinger

Founder and CEO, Biotx

I liked Hoxton's focus on product development. Being aligned on product milestones and how they affect the future financing of the company is critical for us. We found Hoxton's connections to be pretty uncommon with UK/EU VCs and it's important for us down the line since most Series A+ investors in our space are US-based.

Duleek Ranatunga

Founder and CEO, Pear Bio

Hoxton is the top early-stage venture firm in London. They are well connected in the industry and with venture firms in Silicon Valley. There are not many firms where the partners have real work experience in the tech industry. They proactively introduced us to founders with a $100M ARR business. We trust and understand Hoxton.

Sergey Gonchar

Founder and CTO, Loona

As entrepreneurs with a track record, we were lucky to have multiple funding options. Hoxton’s appeal was being a second pair of eyes as we grew our business. Multiple times we’ve had the need to check our thinking. Rob and Hussein have been helpful and very insightful on these occasions. Often we don’t know what we don’t know!

Philip Griskin

Founder and CEO, Vitesse

We had some complications in our cap table. Hoxton took the time to unpick them, fairly, and built trust with everyone. They are supportive and pragmatic, before and after the fundraise. Hoxton's vision aligns to ours and founders are unanimously positive about them.

Neil Daly

Founder and CEO, Skin Analytics

The first time we met Hoxton, it was clear they were our type of VC. They understand scale. They were also the first to commit to our large, ambitious seed round. They didn’t talk about following, or waiting for someone else. They reviewed our plan and quickly came to their decision. Whenever we’re asked who is the best VC, we always say Hoxton.

Barney Wragg

Founder and CEO, Karakuri

Having three unicorns in the portfolio for us was a strong indication that Hoxton knows what it is doing. In Europe, we often see that investors want to protect their downside first rather than focus all attention on maximizing the upside. Hoxton has a truly unique approach on highlighting and supporting a greatly ambitious growth plan.

Mikus Opelts

Founder and CEO, Giraffe360

The most unusual thing for us was Hoxton felt like someone who was involved with us since pre-seed. We established trust rapidly, discussing our raise and strategizing together as a team. Hoxton gave us a commitment to us as founders that started on day one - even before we signed the check. We found that special.

Ramin Ahmari

Founder and CEO, Finesse

With Hoxton, your return starts before investment. They believed our vision while other VC’s were still making their minds up! They are the original Facebook – they connect people. They have great connections in the UK and the US. They are brutally honest and incredibly helpful. They live and breathe your company.

David Mitchell

Founder and CEO, XYZ Reality

Hoxton doesn't just pay lip service to the "founder friendly" epithet. Hussein took the enormous decision to make sure I benefitted from the right equity and structure, even though it cost him more than anticipated. He's made himself available to me 24/7, been instrumental in hiring key talent, bringing on strategic investors, navigating daily challenges and counseling me through a pandemic!

Salima Vellani

Former CEO, Kbox Global

Hoxton is open and direct. The first time we met, Hussein listened to and absorbed everything we shared. He digested everything. He explained what he knew and also what he didn’t know. Then, he spent time with us, constructively and efficiently, throughout the week and on weekends helping us challenge our own paradigms. He genuinely cares.

Zack Nathan and David Klug

Founders and CEO & CTO, Vidya Health

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